PRAYER – In the ancient and true Mystery Schools Lineages there is an important Triangle of how to work in the highest alignment with Nature and the Universe: It consits of PRAYER, RITUAL and MEDITATION. The above Kabbalistic Prayer of Ascension is Universal and beyond any Religion or Dogma. It allows and aligns with the highest spark of Creation to come down into the Physical by being ´balanced on the Middle Pillar´. I created it on my first 10 month Journey up the Tree of Life within the Lineage of King Salomon and the Modern Mystery School. It is a very ´high vibrating Fruit´ and I hope it provides you some good and ´hopeful´ energy and you guys enjoy it as much as I do using.

I also created a video Version with 432hz Music which you can find here: It is also included in my new Meditation Project KABBALAH CHANTS which combines Brainwave Entrainment, 432hz Music and high vibrating, divine Words of Empowerment and Healing.
You can find it here:

What I found is that the Path within the School is really getting you out of the Matrix and your own limiting believes in a very grounded and easy for everyone applicable way. While at the Same time, depending on how deep you want to go you can bring a lot of light and healing to the Life of other People. This Path has been walked by the masters of light since thousands of years and is now open to everyone. The Paths starts with a Life Activation… Message me to find out more.

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