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„Empowering you to raise your Vibration and Life to a Higher Octave.“

– Philipp Schardt

Philipp Schardt

Award Winning Music Composer, Producer,
Spiritual Guide & Life Activation Practitioner
certified by The Modern Mystery School

Weekly Events


Philipp is an amazing, caring healer! I have received many healings from him including angelic code healing, negative cord cuttings, and Ensofic Ray Healing.   It’s impossible to describe all the effects and benefits down here. But here is a sample. When I got the angelic code, I felt so empowered and light and so totally removed from the care of the world. He is a gifted musician, and when he tones, his voice is powerful yet it is refined. Ensofic Ray was very relaxing. I would have like to just lay there after and not leave.  His dedication to healing is amazing and he is constantly learning and honing his skill as a healer. I know he fasts etc. which takes unbelievable discipline. I attended and loved his max meditation class at the Mysterium Center.  This one is free so there is no reason not to take advantage.

Hisako MuramatsuRealtor, Lawyer
Philipp worked his magic and conducted a full cleanse and rejuvenation to our event venue the night prior to the event. We were hesitant with our venue at first as it had a very heavy energy throughout the space, and we did not want that to be the tone of the event. Within the few hours he was onsite, it completely changed the entire flow of energy throughout the venue! You could feel the positive and eccentric vibes ringing throughout the crowd the next few days. Thank you so much for adding to the success of our event!!

Jessica Betouni
Jessica Betouni
Jessica BetouniWORLDZ.US - Entrepreneur Event with the Most Influential Minds and Brands

„I noticed immediate changes after our Life Activation session.  The color of my eyes (which vary from blue to gray to green, depending) changed to a bright blueish-green.  I felt more settled and relaxed at work.  And then, of course, there are the little things that flow my way from the newly-created stream–books to read, people and others with messages, opportunities.“

Mike Radice

´The MAX MEDITATION SYSTEm is stronger than the Sedona Vortex! Wow!´

Ryan MinterEREWHON

Philipp Schardt’s class is out of this world. It is hard to describe the power of the bowls mixed with a curated sound experience that takes you through rivers, mountains, oceans and then finally that feeling of soaring. Curated to be a unique experience every time Philipp has created a class that will leave you feeling elated and wonderful.

Suze Yalof SchwartzCEO/Founder at Unplug Meditation

This is the most amazing and funniest Meditation ever! THANK YOU!´

Indigo Unveiled JewleryHigh Vibration Jewlery Designer

„I have been to hundreds of Soundbath´s – this one is Top 3 – at least! The collection of instruments, the collection of vibrations and wisdom is beautiful. And the space that you hold is absolutely divine!

Andrew 7 SealyYoga Celebrity, Influencer and Teacher

„It was an adventure in heaven! THIS is premium Soundhealing.“

Lan Lu

„Your 432hz Soundbath´s are my weekly temple!“


„I understood that we need to learn to accept god in life and death.“

Mehow PowersEntrepreneur

„This was my first Soundhealing and I had this beautiful vision to start painting and see this beautiful art inside that I want to express now. I am really excited to get out here and buy all that I need!“

Nicole WoyakYoga Influencer & Teacher LA

„Through your Soundbath for the first time in my life I understood the art of forgiveness. Cause only when we forgive, we can truely heal. So I didn´t just understood my current life Situations – I OVERstood them! It brought me so much clarity and depth – to compassion and forgiveness“

FameSinger and Artist


Daniel Crosser

„Through the FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION I feel more grounded and more happy to be human on earth“

Amy Wallace

„So so good! Thank you for my session!“

Eve NingPersonal Clearing

„The Kabbalah Chants are such a beautiful and sacred addition to my study of Kabbalah. It feels like every cell in my body is vibrating every time I listen! I truly cannot find the words to properly describe the wonderful change I can feel happening within my energetic field as a result of using them. “

Deb ReganLawyer, Minneapolis, MN


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